HR MSME Package


HR MSME Package


MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. … The MSME sector contributes to 45% of India’s Total Industrial Employment, 50% of India’s Total Exports and 95% of all industrial units of the country and more than 6000 types of products are manufactured in these industries (As per

According to the MSME Ministry’s FY19 annual report, the MSME sector is dominated by micro-enterprises. India has 6.33 crore MSMEs out of which 6.30 crore — 99.4 per cent are micro-enterprises while 0.52 per cent — 3.31 lakh are small and 0.007 per cent — 5,000 are medium enterprises. (Mar 23, 2020,Financial Express)

MSMEs have a contribution of 29 per cent in our country’s GDP and the department has decided that we will increase the contribution to 50 per cent of the GDP,” said Gadkari, Union Minister for MSME and Road, Transport and Highways. He added that till now, 11 crore people have received employment in MSME

Executive81 - HR MSME PACKAGE

Currently all Business Owners of MSME’s have to struggle with People Management, HR Related challenges. Executive81 with its deep experience in HR Domain have carefully crafted unique solution with a combination of Technology and Service to help MSMEs solve their HR Challenges and streamline HR Operations .

We bring the best of the technology from AI, Geo Fencing, HR BOT, Cloud Technologies and more, benefiting MSME to be future ready and adapt to the best of HR technologies avilable in market. Adding to this, we have all major HR Services from making Policies, Documentations, Employee Engageement and more  to make life of MSME easier. 

Our MSME PACKAGE is designed for MSME of all sizes and the best part all the services are avilable under one affordable Invoicing. You get dedicated HR supporting all your HR requirements. Select from the below mentioned packages or connect us for more customised options. 

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