CSR & Mobilization


CSR & Mobilization

Corporate Social Responsibility

Executive81 has a vision to touch 100 Million Lives , it is always satisfying and rewarding for working for any CSR Projects as it brings us closer to our vision. We collabrate , execute and deliver CSR Projects some of our specialisation is Mobilization , Train & Deployment , End to End Project Execution for any geography. 

Mobilization Events

We organize and manage mobilization events in urban and rural India through our network of associates, these events are organized for our exclusive clients and completely managed to identify the right resources from the volume of candidates attending the event. We have integrated a specialized team to guide our clients through the entire process and take up the entire responsibility to manage the event and make it a success.


Train & Deploy

We have collaborated with various skill development initiatives under CSR to train and deploy resources with our clients; this ensures a well-groomed candidate and higher productive resources for entry-level jobs. Skilled resources today are important for any organization as in today’s ever-changing business environment a skilled resource is better placed to adapt and support the business. Along with our partner network, we ensure that all the skilled resources are bridged with opportunities with our clients.

Services Detail

We have collaborated with our clients to mobilize candidates for entry-level jobs through various channels and fulfill their bulk recruitment. Our network of associates helps us recruit quality candidates. We broadly support our clients with two services Mobilization Events and Train & Deploy.

Advantage of Executive81:

  • Trusted Partner for managing CSR & Mobilization
  • Highly Experienced Team to manage the entire process
  • Trusted Skill Development Partner Network
  • Strong Partner Network to recruit candidates across the network
  • Customized Models of Recruitment.
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