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1. Execlusive Job Posting Dashboard :  All our registered clients get dashboard to post jobs on Executive81 Portal and recieve all the responses directly on their dashboard. 

2. Share the Job Posted on Social Media : Share the Job Posted on Social Media - Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter , Whatsapp and Receive Response at one place. 

2. Share the JD to Executive81 Recruitment Team : All the Job Posted can be shared to Executive81 Team for finding screened and qualified candidates . 

3. HR BOT : Enjoy HR Help Desk and request any kind of HR Support through our HR BOT and our team of experts will engage for further discussion. 

4. Resources : Read and enrich yourself with HR Blogs and useful tools in HR to help you keep you updated with HR Trends in the Market. 

5. Executive81 Partner Network : All the Jobs Posted on Executive81 is shared within our Partner Network and each of our Partner can share profiles against the job posted. 

6. Exclusive Discounts and Offers : All our Registered clients get benefit of our offers and discounts for various services and technologies. 



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