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Executive81 is a journey of people bringing together the joy of connecting global opportunities with candidates across the globe. We are driven with our vision to touch 100 Million Lives globally and each day of our journey serves the purpose to bring smiles for every mile. In this journey, we have retained the joy of working together and the passion to deliver the best to our clients and candidates.

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We Just Don't Do Recruitment... We Apply the "Science of Recruitment"... To Get you the Best Candidate.

Executive81 provides employers with head hunting solutions that result in measurably improved employee and organizational performance. We can help organizations large and small establish, out-source and troubleshoot all essential Head Hunting Functions. We want all our clients to see a trusted and scalable partner for identifying right candidates across the globe.

We intend to influence 100 Million Lives directly and indirectly with our three core solutions Recruitment, Staffing and Mobilization. We want to become preferred choice for every jobseekers for connecting right opportunities globally.

75 Training
1000 Professionals
600 Experienced
40 Mobilization

Rishi Patil

Founder & Director

Meet our Director

Our Director comes with 15 years of experience in Recruitment Business, for building a successful organization a strong cultural fabric of empowerment and freedom to execute should be given to employees . It is important to lead with a bigger vision which impacts society and creates value for all the stakeholders, Executive81 is a journey of people with a vision to impact 100 Million Lives . The joy of working together is important to find solutions and solve large problems for our clients in the process creating client delight . Looking back at the journey one thing which gives satisfaction is smile on the face of every individual who crossed your path and encourages to create more smiles per miles.

  • For a successful journey Idea is 1% and Execution is 99%
  • Organization Building is Triple S Strategy – Success , Sustain and Scale.
  • Take every challenge with a smile , it will be your charger in tough times.
  • Every Problem is an opportunity to find a new solution , you be the first.







At Executive81 we tailor our HR strategies exactly to your unique business vision and goals, devising a custom-fit HR solution just for you.

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